What’s in Session:Grassroots Features-Day 1

A woodcrafters’ advocate: Michael’s Concept

Michael’s Concept makesĀ  pro-environment, pro-people, pro-fair trade products. Local wood-crafters from Cebu personally hand-carved these novelty items out from rosewood and other locally grown and sustained wood trees.

These cute, chic, and trendy wooden bookmarks are hand-carved out from Philippine Rosewood. Unlike other wood crafts sold in the mainstream commerce, Philippine Rosewood are indigenous species of wood trees grown and managed in the country.

This bookmark can be purchased at 25php. You can also ask for personalized designs of these items. The items are designed with animals and shades of colors that would imbibe the context of Filipino culture.

Michael’s Concept wood crafts and furniture project is a livelihood initiative of a local entrepreneurs based in San Fernando, Cebu. They use scraps of wood found in their local community and do not need to cut trees for lumber to be used in their products.

“Our products are environment friendly, because we do not use trees which need to be cut down from forests, rosewood are found abundantly in Cebu,” said miss “Etchel”, the lady in-charge of the booth set-up at the “Sessions in Bloom” in Baguio city.

Michael’s Concept started in 1988 as a small livelihood of a family based in San Fernando Cebu. Today they had grown into branches around the country.

Producers of Michael’s Concept supports pro-environment products. They produce novelty items like bookmarks, key chains and letter openers ( an originally designed craft of Michael’s Concept and a unique item found in today’s Session in bloom). The designs they use are original creations by their employees.

Rosewood is an indigenous specie of trees in the Philippines which are self-sustaining, growing in the Philippine forests. They are one of the major type of tees excellent for making word class woodcraft and furniture.


Michael’s Concept’sĀ  project is supported by PREDA Foundation who helps them in marketing and innovating their wood crafts by training their people on how to create unique designs and introducing them to a healthy work environment. This is owned and managed by a family who practices the principles of “Fair Trade” by giving fair and honest labor to their employees.

This make them a pro-people company. To give a fair and honest wage to their people, they have to keep confidentiality of the designs and concepts of their products to avoid imitating the practices of big companies who seal designs of products and make use of machines for production.

Locate and contact Michael’s Concept @ https://www.google.com.ph/maps/place/Michael’s+Concept/@10.161527,123.706897,15z/data=!4m5!3m4!1s0x0:0x94748fbb6d7df5c6!8m2!3d10.161527!4d123.706897