Against the Current

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Against the current. Fermar Andrada, a junior student, does not mind people passing against him while doodling his favorite characters on the pavement. Every Sunday people of Baguio releases their creativity with chalks while enjoying a walk. The single lane on Sundays at Session Road had united the people of the city on these days.

Ever since that Session Road closes one lane from motorists every Sunday, people are seen coming together to enjoy the freedom to stroll, and conduct different activities. A common idea exist among creative individuals of Baguio who find the street as a blackboard or a canvas to paint and sketch doodles, pictures, or any expressions on the pavement using colored chalks.

Meet, Fermar Andrada, a third year college student who spent his time this afternoon


finishing drawings of his favorite online game characters. The street served as his big canvas for him to release some stress and anxiety he felt before the examination week begins at the university he goes to.


Fermar did not mind people passing against him. He drew as mush as he could. People could see his passion while doodling on the solid round.

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Wear your stripes


wear your stripes
What stripes are you wearing?


GrassrIMG_20190514_184732_113oots’ Advocate will be on a mission…

We love our stripes. How about you?



Stay tuned for up coming posts!

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Crisp in the air & Camote Pie to celebrate: @ Arca’s ( Mother’s Day Post)

Arca’s Yard signature dish is this Sweet Potato pie ala mode… Made with all natural pure sweet potato……Made into a cake.. This blows out all expectation to a crop based pie. It is not too sweet…and not bland… Surprisingly tasty… is natural…perfect for everyone… Love it..! Camote has never been this adorable in a plate. The mom loved it . It’s both healthy and delicious…😋

For this Mother’s Day … For those home-away-young-adult… Having the family here coming up at the cooler elevated region of the country, to visit and for them to chill…is simply an awesome moment.

The crisp air and moist weather are enough to bring the cold; and a family time is just what’s lacking to bring out the warmth.  It is always best to have yourself ready where to give a sister, brother, or a mom and dad a nice experience when they came for a very short visit…



camote pie and tarragon tea
Arca’s oriental Salad

What the mother enjoyed. Partnering that decadent camote pie is a tarragon tea. Fresh tarragon leaves seeped in to tea on a mug of hot water… A must try!

Since when in Manila… fruits and vegetables are rarely fresh… A salad is just what completes the visitors’ taste buds and health buff cells… Arca’s Yard’ s famous oriental salad is a mixture of season fruits in a bed of lettuce! For sharing to the whole family. 🙂

This camote pie is a best seller which served less than a hunded a slice. Made with pure camote as the cake… Laid on a crust out  of graham …a scoop of vanilla flavored ice cream perfectly matches the pie’s dense and rich sweet potato taste. Yummy!

Because its mother’s day… We dedicate this post to all moms out there… This is the first of our series of posts giving you short glimpses of what to look for an amazing dining and family moment when coming at the city of pines.


Honey Glazed Salmon…. The sister’s choice. She knows what she wants…And a good and nicely cooked salmon is hard to find… a seafood lover is hard to please, so to serve this from a place of mountains and thousands kilometers away from the waters… This seafood dish from Arca’s is worth a five star!


.. Happy Mothers day y’all mothers out there!!!🌷🌷🌷🌷🌷

Street Sweeper

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Street Sweeper by Grassroots’ Advocate

Strictly Street…

Found here are photos I took from the streets.To tell my story I have to tell it from the street, strictly street.

About the Sweeper’s journey…

I’m a trying hard, undergrad, amateur… novice student of Photography… I’m an advocate. I learn by doing and and grow through failing. Not my best masterpieces, even so… Welcome to my gallery! – grassrootsadvocate

Hidden Prism

Earth Day Photo Story

“Hidden Prism”

Hidden Prism
Hidden Prism. Naguillian Road, Baguio City Philippines. 5:00pm. by grassrootsadvocate

Rainbows are rare these days.

One afternoon, while the rain had gone and the clouds shrouded the sky this pale rainbow had appeared for a moment.

It is rare to see clearer and more vivid colors of the rainbow when air and smoke pollutes this part of the city. In this splice of moment it is a treasure to capture a rarity.


Vincent's Rainbow_DSC0045
Vincent’s Rainbow by grassrootsadvocate. Naguillian Road, St. Vincent Church viewpoint. Baguio City, Philippines



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A Song of a Passing Light

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The sand

I bind lovers and childhood friends

Building sandcastles from my rough grains

I am the sand where you collect broken starfishes and glitters

My minuscule grains were rough but they shine

Now they’re gone…


The shore

I dance with the wind and the passing light from the sun

creating ripples from my obscure current

Come with me, the shore, where you hug my waves and sing under my lungs

The waters embracing you might be salty, but like tears, they are pure

Now the salty turned sour…



Someday, we’ll leave earth’s surface

Like a passing light,

We used to glimmer

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