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“Fragmented. Diverse. Co-existing. These are three words I would describe my country. Despite fragments which need to connect, we persist to co-exist and break these barriers.”

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This is how I remember my first lesson about the Philippines when I was a first grader. The first lesson is to describe a picture of small fragments of islands and islets being grouped under what are called Luzon, Visayas and Mindanao.

Coming to know of the country, which I have to be proud of, is home for a more than a thousand of species many of which are endemic to the country’s abounding wealth and beauty of various forms of natural resources.
These descriptions show how vast are the forms of life living in the Philippines, not only those we can find in nature but most especially are the people in-charge of these possessions as a nation.

Baguio, Benguet has been my home since I started college. I am not a native of Benguet or in any part of the Cordillera, but I had a chance to…

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THE STREET RUNNER: She is running for her life….

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This is a story of  a woman who has to face the battle against authorities on the streets in the locality of Baguio city, Philippines. This is her story kept from the past, and her story still represents those who are like her today, who have to keep running to save themselves and their families’ living.
With her basket of oranges, “Manang” has to master the skill of running while carrying kilos of fruits each day. As she tries to escape the “P-O-S-Ds” (Public Order and Safety Division officials) roaming in the city streets, it is the only way for her to make sure she sells all her goods to sustain her family.

Shahi Qila Restaurant at the City of Pines: where you can find authentic kabab and biryani

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Shahi Qila Restaurant. A must see and go to food house that brings you closer to an AUTHENTIC international cooking! Continue reading

What’s in Session:Grassroots Features-Day 1

A woodcrafters’ advocate: Michael’s Concept

Michael’s Concept makes  pro-environment, pro-people, pro-fair trade products. Local wood-crafters from Cebu personally hand-carved these novelty items out from rosewood and other locally grown and sustained wood trees.

These cute, chic, and trendy wooden bookmarks are hand-carved out from Philippine Rosewood. Unlike other wood crafts sold in the mainstream commerce, Philippine Rosewood are indigenous species of wood trees grown and managed in the country.

This bookmark can be purchased at 25php. You can also ask for personalized designs of these items. The items are designed with animals and shades of colors that would imbibe the context of Filipino culture.

Michael’s Concept wood crafts and furniture project is a livelihood initiative of a local entrepreneurs based in San Fernando, Cebu. They use scraps of wood found in their local community and do not need to cut trees for lumber to be used in their products.

“Our products are environment friendly, because we do not use trees which need to be cut down from forests, rosewood are found abundantly in Cebu,” said miss “Etchel”, the lady in-charge of the booth set-up at the “Sessions in Bloom” in Baguio city.

Michael’s Concept started in 1988 as a small livelihood of a family based in San Fernando Cebu. Today they had grown into branches around the country.

Producers of Michael’s Concept supports pro-environment products. They produce novelty items like bookmarks, key chains and letter openers ( an originally designed craft of Michael’s Concept and a unique item found in today’s Session in bloom). The designs they use are original creations by their employees.

Rosewood is an indigenous specie of trees in the Philippines which are self-sustaining, growing in the Philippine forests. They are one of the major type of tees excellent for making word class woodcraft and furniture.


Michael’s Concept’s  project is supported by PREDA Foundation who helps them in marketing and innovating their wood crafts by training their people on how to create unique designs and introducing them to a healthy work environment. This is owned and managed by a family who practices the principles of “Fair Trade” by giving fair and honest labor to their employees.

This make them a pro-people company. To give a fair and honest wage to their people, they have to keep confidentiality of the designs and concepts of their products to avoid imitating the practices of big companies who seal designs of products and make use of machines for production.

Locate and contact Michael’s Concept @’s+Concept/@10.161527,123.706897,15z/data=!4m5!3m4!1s0x0:0x94748fbb6d7df5c6!8m2!3d10.161527!4d123.706897

What’s your “food-jective”? : Review

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Tuna Pesto @Foodjective. The best in town and highly recommended! No wonder it’s one of FoodJ’s bestseller
 If you are on an escapist mood and want to break up with the usual “tripadvisor certified” cafe and resto when in Baguio, a modern minimalist style cafe-restaurant in Bakakeng is your sure destination.
What could possibly piqued anyone’s interest to try Foodjective is its exterior build from an innovated old container van. How cool is that! This hip and advanced architectural concept makes it a one of a kind among traditional “Baguio”-marked old American-style-houses-turned-cafe resto.dsc_3088

You could have a camping or picnic outside ambience when you eat here. Are you a certified millenial? Do you always have a hard time deciding what to eat when in a cafe or resto, especially when you visit food houses with your barkada and you feel like eating “kahit ano” (local term for saying “anything”). You simply can’t decide.But Foodjective here would help you come up with your “objective” on what “food” to eat. (got it?)

Fresh Strawberries @Foodjective Fruitshakes
So what is your “food-jective”? From pasta to cafe-favorite-snacks and drinks, to rice bowl and rice meal, Foodjective got what you need. When walking right up into the cafe you will be welcomed by their menu with a not so minimal food choices, printed and hanged outside. 
It’s a perfect chill and hang-out place for you if you want to be alone or be with your friends. Plus, the service is good though sometimes slow, but you can always ask assistance and make requests to their staff who are kind and very friendly! On top of this, they make the best and authentic pesto in town!  Try it to believe it! (follow @ for a review of the search for the best pesto in Baguio)
I highly recommend their fruit shakes and pastas served with tasty “bread pan” on the side, an original idea by Foodjective owners. For less than 100php you can have a full meal with a drink.
CheesyBakeMac@Foodjective. Taste=5stars. Price=5stars. You can afford their pastas in half size or full size.
Foodjective caters to students at a nearby university in Bakakeng and those who board around the area.You can reach Foodjective in less than 45 min. coming from Bakakeng Terminal at Igorot Garden in Baguio town proper
A FoodJ betseller, Blueberry Cheesecake @ less than 30php

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