Signs: A Retrospect

Luna Photography

“Signs”: Retrospect

why i love the moon_DSC9318
Red. A Retrospect of The Blood Moon of February 2018.

Last February, the first lunar eclipse for this year, 2018, occurred. Following yet another lunar eclipse for this month at this day, my lenses are on watch.

It’s cloudy here tonight in the Philippines, hoping to capture the moon’s retrograde this July 27th-28th.


why i love the moon_DSC9318
“Pula”. Means red, taken last February 2018. Baguio City, PH. original photo by (c) Grassrootsadvocate.


Stay tuned to see if I could take a shot.


Reconnaissance II

Street Photography

White Lodge
Reconnaissance II. Trying a monochromatic effect of bluish-white in this photo. The Bayanihan Lodge is just one among many American influenced structure in Baguio City. This city is a melting pot of cultures. 05/23/18

Taken at noon, another shot for our series of the Bayanihan Lodge. An American influenced architecture in Baguio City.

Jeepneys and local people and transportation crossed in front of this structure, giving a the multi-cultural scene in this part of the city.


The Bayanihan Lodge saga…

Crossing Contrasts

Street Photography

Baguio City Architectures- The Bayanihan Lodge

Bayanihan Lodge the Ukay Center
The Bayanihan Lodge in Baguio City also one of the the Ukay-Ukay Centers in the city. April 13,2018. Photo by Grassroots’ Advocate


This structure has been a favorite subject for our street photography. This one was taken at day time. More of the Bayanihan Lodge (check this one taken at late noon- Crossing Corners) in our future posts for Grassroots’ Photography. Thanks for continuous support and follow to our page!


The Crescent Revelation: “Eid al-Fitr” (Breaking of the festival of the fast)

Photo Story

The Crescent Revelation: “Eid al-Fitr” (Breaking of the festival of the fast)

Mosque, Baguio city, Campo Filipino
Crescent Moon on the Mosque. The crescent moon marks the peak of the mosque, the traditional and holy place for worship among the Muslims.  The crescent moon also marks the beginning of the Ramadan; 1400 years ago, this was the month where the first verses of the Quran were revealed to the Prophet Muhammad. Fasting is observed during this month as part of the five pillars of the Islam faith.


Eid al-Fitr, the breaking of the festival of the fast among the Muslim communities around the world, is observed on the 14th- 16th of June, this year.

For the Muslim community in the Philippines, today ends their fasting for this month of Ramadan. One of the growing population of Muslims is found here in Baguio City.

With the Maranaos which formed most Muslim families in this area, the Mosque built at Campo Filipino establishes their presence to be visible in the Baguio population.

Crescent. 1400 years ago the Prophet Muhammad of the Muslims, received the first verses for the holy book, Quran. This is a significant and historical day for the Muslims where they celebrate the month of Ramadan. The first visibility of the crescent moon for this month, as observed from the Muslim Lunar calendar, would begin the season of their fast.

The crescent moon found on the peak of a Mosque reveals a core truth in the Islam faith. The Ramadan, for the Muslims, is the month where the first verses of the Quran, their holy book, were given to the prophet Muhammad. Thus where all their faith and Muslim practices begin. The day the new crescent moon would be visible to the naked eye on the month of Ramadan, signals the beginning of the fasting in their community.

Eid al-Fitr is the breaking of the fasting for Ramadan. As this season ends, living continues for the Maranao Muslims here in Baguio City and nearby provinces with their presence visible to the activities in the cities’ business districts.

Displaced from their first home in Mindanao, most of them still hopes that they could come back to their fields, continue raising their living and sustaining their families from their own land.


Mosque. The first Mosque built in the northern part of the Philippines is found at barangay Campo Filipino in Baguio City. The Maranaos make up most of the Muslim population in Baguio City. One of their established territory is in this barangay.

Hidden Prism

Earth Day Photo Story

“Hidden Prism”

Hidden Prism
Hidden Prism. Naguillian Road, Baguio City Philippines. 5:00pm. by grassrootsadvocate

Rainbows are rare these days.

One afternoon, while the rain had gone and the clouds shrouded the sky this pale rainbow had appeared for a moment.

It is rare to see clearer and more vivid colors of the rainbow when air and smoke pollutes this part of the city. In this splice of moment it is a treasure to capture a rarity.


Vincent's Rainbow_DSC0045
Vincent’s Rainbow by grassrootsadvocate. Naguillian Road, St. Vincent Church viewpoint. Baguio City, Philippines



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Street Night Photography

_DSC9586 (3)
The Closing. Kayang Hilltop, Baguio City. 8;30pm

Kayang-Hilltop street at Baguio City, during the closing of Panagbenga, displays the fireworks scene from Burnham Park. This hill connects the market and the different jeepney terminals, surrounded with old fashioned establishment converted to business hub.

At day you would see regular market activities. Wonder what the street turns into at night?


_DSC9586 (4)
Red Light. The market goes on all day; it closes at night but the business continues…