Shahi Qila Restaurant at the City of Pines: where you can find authentic kabab and biryani

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Shahi Qila Restaurant. A must see and go to food house that brings you closer to an AUTHENTIC international cooking!

“Flavor, aroma, authenticity.” These are three words used by Shahi Qila’s creator, Ather Hassan to define Pakistani food.

Shahi Qila Restaurant at Bakakeng in Baguio City, is named after one of their country’s greatest architectural treasure, the King’s Fortress, brings you real Pakistani culture through food and music from indigenous Pakistani songs and beats.

photo by @GerMan

Owned by Pakistani entrepreneurs who had lived with and known Filipino preferences. Worked their way to set up the House of Kabab and Biryani, an indigenous experience of real Pakistani flavors and recipes.

Using authentic ingredients like the Basmati rice and natural organic spices. Proudly introducing their no “curry powder-all natural spiced-meals.”

The mood and the overall ambience is great and refreshing, perfect for the organic spice-filled Pakistani cuisine!

Biryani is their specialty and one of their best-sellers. We had samosa which is so filling at less than a dollar.

Shahi Qali is also a great dining place for college students at a nearby university. On the menu, they serve “Teens Fast Food” which are a combo of a meal and a drink at less than a hundred pesos.

My personal favorite, highly recommended, is samosa which is partnered with their Pakistani Milk tea (Chai tea), made with fresh cardamom seed. Brewed and mixed the traditional Pakistani way.

@Shahi Qila Pakistani Milk Tea Original Photo taken by @Gerbaymax

Of course, everything is excellent! Affordable and great for sharing. The people, the staff are all nice and they serve you well, which completes a perfect food and dining experience! In short, try and visit now!

Shahi Qila Restaurant is located at Purok 2, Bakakeng road, a 20-30 mins. jeepney ride from the Baguio City town proper.

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    You’re good! 😉 keep it up and God bless


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